Thursday, June 16, 2016

Best Youtube Android App Tricks & Tips (You Should Know)

In this post you know about top 10 best youtube android app tricks and tips, You will surely love to try in your Youtube app. So just read below triks and tips & try in your android mobile.

1. Enable Limit Mobile Data Usage and Save Your Data
Now you can save your more data easily by your youtube to apply this settings just open your youtube android app and goto settings then tab on General. Under general you will found limit mobile data usage and enable it. That's it. You are done.

2. Enable Stats for Nerds and View info about Video

With this settings you can view and get info about any video, to do this settings just go settings of your youtube android app and in select general settings just enable the option "Enable stats for nerds". Now you can view video stats & information in your android mobile to do open any video select menu option and chosse stats option.

3. Change Youtube Video Quality
For select & change  youtube quality  Just open your youtube android app then tap on three dots or menu and select quality which you want to watch. One More Thing You can't see 720 pixel video quality if you enable limit mobile data usage.

4. Add Video in Watch Later Playlist
Sometime it happen that we want to watch video on youtube but we can't watch that time just because of don't have enough time so now you can use this option you can add the particular video to your watch later playlist. By tab on =+ this icon save this video in our watch later playlist.

5. Watch 360 Degree Videos on Youtube
You can even move your phone in any direction for seeing 360-degree videos on the phone to watch just search on your youtube android app 360 degree videos in android app.

6. Control on Youtube Android App Notifications
Now you can enable or disable youtube app notification by go to settings and select Notification. Sometime we irritate with notification so now no need to worry.

7. Save Youtube Videos for Offline Watching 
Now you can watch videos in Offline Mode on Youtube, Open any youtube video add tab on download button and select the video quality then Click on OK and your video will be able to watch in offline mode on youtube.

8. View Youtube Video in VR Headset
If you wanna watch video in VR mode, then just open youtube video and select three dots from the right side then select cardboard option and now you current video will be start playing in VR mode. 

9. Clear Youtube Android App Search History
Now you can clear your dirty search history from youtube, To all search history will be cleared from your android youtube app by going in settings and select Privacy then tab on clear search history.

10. Change Country/Content Location
Now Youtube give to all users of youtube android app that they have the facility to watch country based videos in your Youtube android app to do this just go to settings then select General and tab on Content Location and Select country.

I hope you learn all the tricks which you were not aware, Don't Forgot to share if you have any issue regarding this post, Feel Free to Comment.