Saturday, February 27, 2016

Top 18 Benefits of Rooted Android Phone

Android Phone rooting is the first task for any android users. Android phone rooting gives you access to do anything with your android phone. Rooting gives you many options for any android mobile user to access everything.

In this post some best benefits for rooting any android phone/device. Now you can check out below benefits and I am sure this rooting android benefits gonna change your mind of any unrooted android device/mobile user. The rooted android mobile user makes your phone smarter with this benefits. Root your android phone >  Root your Android Phone.

1. Explore and Browse Android Mobile Root Directory
When you complete process of Rooting and root your android phone, With this you can access to browser your android mobile root directory. In this you can see your system files and other database files. And also you can accessed to modify any system files. Here is a app ES File Explorer Android with this you can do.Download ES File Explorer

2. Hack WiFi from Android Phone
Yes Friends this is really true, Now you can hack WiFi network and disable other people net connection, But in same WiFi connection, if you wanna do this so just use this app WiFi Kill. This application for a hacking wifi network in android phone. Download Wifi Kill

3. Remove Bloatware Android Apps
You know guys when we purchase new Android Device here is many pre-installed app. And you can't remove those apps. But if you root your phone then you have an access to remove these type of bloatware from android phone. Download No Bloat Android App from Google Play Store.

4. Run Linux OS in Android Phone
When you root your Android Phone, you can run whole Linux OS as a virtual machine in android phone. With this you can run Ubuntu Linux OS in android phone. You can use this for pen testing and many more purpose.

5. Increase RAM of Android Phone
If you are root user you can increase RAM of your android phone. Download Ram Expander

6. Backup Your Android Phone From Bit to Byte
When you root your android phone then you can take backup of you android phone including android apps, android data, system settings, contacts, emails and everything. This is a cloning your whole android rom, if something goes wrong when you flash new ROM, you can able to install your backup data. Download Titaninum Backup

7. Install Custom ROM 
If you rooted user so you can install custom version of android rom in your phone. Many developers create a custom version of android rom, just because default android rom is not like by everyone. You can find custom rom for your android phone on XDA Forums.

8. Block Ads from Android Apps
Ad is very annoying in any android app for every android user. You can block ads in android mobile apps, with this app also you can save your data. Download AdBlock

9. Block Websites
Hosts Editor Android App with this you can block any websites in your android phone, like any adult websites, and which you want to like block you can use this app. Download Hosts Editor 

10.Boot Any Computer PC from Rooted Android Device
You can boot your computer from this android app. Download live Linux distributions and boot your computer from this utility, Drivedroid is an android app that can turn your rooted android device into a bootable live linux from iso image files. Download Drivedroid 

11. Connect Pendrive with Android Phone
Now you can access your Pendrive through your android device with OTG USB cable. Download Stickmount Android App

12. Stop Background Apps
You can increase Android Speed by stoping background app here is app Greenify hibernate your android app and increase you android phone perfomance. Download Greenify.

13. Customize and Tweak Everything
With Xposed Framework you can customize an tweak everything in your android phone and when you have rooted device then you have an access to do anything with your android device and its ROM. Modules are created inside of the framework by many developers that do various things like UI and performance tweaks, visual modification button remapping and also theming and much more.

14. Change and Spoof Mac Address
Mac Address is the id when you connect your phone to Wifi. You can unlimited access to WiFi connection if WiFi gives you limited bandwidth to single device, so just use this app Download Wireless Mac Changer App.

15. Change Android Device ID
You need to root your device then you can if you want more money from referring apps just change the android device Id.

16. Change BootScreen Logo
In rooted device you have a access to change your android boot screen of your choice. Download Boot Animation Changer

17. Use Custom DNS
If you want to increse your android mobile browsing speed then just Set DNS is custom DNS server app for android with this app you can force your connection to use custom DNS.Download Set DNS

18. Overclock your Android Mobile Processor
With this app you can also increase your android mobile processing speed. Like if your android phone has 1.2GHz processor, it can be increase up to 1.5GHz processor. Search on the web or go to XDA forums for overclocking your android phone.

I Hope you enjoyed this amazing top 18 benefits of rooting android phone. If you have any issue regarding content of this article, Feel Free to comment, I will try to respond on all comments as soon as possible.

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