Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to Root Android Phone (With PC or Without PC)

You know Friends Rooting your Device is not easy bcoz many times when we are rooting our device Software or Application does not work properly.

Android Device Rooting is you can say rooting is like a full control after rooting any device you can access all system files and directorie. If you wanna see any example then you can see in window computer you see administrator computer, has full control over all machine. And your Android Device is a Linux Machine, In Linux there is administrator called superuser(su). When you root your android device you acquire superuser access.
Advantages of Rooting
Generally there are lots of advantages for rooting android device. Just open below links to know the benefits of rooting android device.

To know Instructions of Rooting Android Device :- Rooting android device is so simple. Here is two processes one is with PC or 2nd  is without PC. Every device/phone doesn’t work with popular rooting software. So you need to find your rooting software for the android device from the internet or XDA forums.

In this post, I upload some popular software and android applications that work with mostly devices. You can try below software and android applications for root your android Device/Phone. And rooting your android device is not really violate your warranty, if in your android device something goes wrong so don't worry just take your phone and go to service center.

Activate your Developer Options in Android Phone :- Settings > About phone > Build Number (click 7times)

Root your Android Device/Phone with PC and without PC

Iroot is popular android rooting software. And also Iroot supports 8000 Android Smartphones. When you download and install Iroot in PC, Make sure you have working Internet Connection. This is totally free apps and available for all, So with this android app, you can easily root your android phone without PC. Download Iroot Software

Kingo is also a popular software for root android device. This Application is one click method. In this app you don’t need to do any settings, just plug your phone and click on root button and wait till the phone is root. Download Kingo Root

Framaroot is most popular android app for rooting your android device/phone without PC. Install Framaroot in your Computer and just one click, your phone is root. Download Framaroot 

When you have done your rooting process then you can check that your Device or Phone is Root or Not to check just click here

I Hope you enjoyed this amazing Android Device Rooting Trick for Root Android phone. If you have any issue regarding content of this trick, Feel Free to comment, I will try to respond on all comments as soon as possible.

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