Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Five Reasons That Prove Freedom 251 is a Big Scam ?

You Know Friends this is a World's Cheapest Smartphone which name is "Freedom 251" may be a big scam. This smartphone came with mind blowing price of rs. 251 ($3.66). Here is some reasons thar prove Freedom 251 may be a big scam.

1 Freedom 251 is using Adcom's casing

Freedom 251 has been spotted with Adcom's casing. Adcom said that is is not manufacturing freedom 251 smartphone. It is still unclear whether ringing bells will make freedom 251 smartphone in its own manufacturing plant or other. And you know friends Adcom's Marketing Manager said that we have no idea that our branding is being used on the freedom 251 smartphone. We'll look into this.

2. Misguiding People

When launch of the Freedom 251, The website show omage of entirely different smartphone manufactured by ringing bells also the used same image in reputed newspapers of india. After then they changed the device's image. On their official wecsite displayed that this freedom 251 cheapest smartphone will come with some important pre-instaleed app like Swatch Bharat, Women Safety App and other apps, but it was found that in this freedom 251 smartphone does not come with these apps.

3. It is approved by the Government
Ringing Bells is not registered under Bureau of Indian Standards, infect company is not licensed to sell its products in India. Also, BJP’s MP labelled this company as ‘ponzi bogus company scam.

4. Plagiarism

You know friends Plagiarism literally means “act of fraud”. It includes stealing work done by someone else. Freedom 251 used illegally icons of Apple iOS. The company may in trouble if Apple sues on freedom 251. A genuine company will not steal the work of other company. In Freedom 251 is using the Apple’s icons in their smartphone freedom 251, like Calculator, Camera, Web Browser and Email.

5. Pricising issue

Freedom 251 Smartphone price 251 which is unbelievable but yes this smartphone price is 251. But Mobile Industry Body, Indian Cellular Association has urged the Telecom Minister, to look about the pricing of this budget smartphone. Indian Cellular Association maintained that this device can’t be sold below (R.s 3500) $51 even after subsidies.

However, the above 5 reasons state about possibility of big scam. The truth will come to light only after Ringing Bells will start delivering this smartphones to the users by June 30 so just we have to wait till they start delivering this smartphones. Also, we  have no right to complain about this freedom 251 smartphone just bcoz of its pricing. Even there are some issues which provoked media group to highlight this issue and the possibility of scam. Kindly you can add more about this smartphone in comment section and discuss your experience while buying this smartphone and when you get this freedom 251 smartphone. we are waiting of your experience.