Thursday, September 17, 2015

How To Capture of Any Person Picture Who Tries To Unlock Your Phone

Some things are better if kept confidential. I think many people hating it like anything where relatives or friends try to unlock their smartphone without their authority, And sometimes due to lots of incorrect attempts, your phone gets hard lock i.e now you have only way to unlock your smartphone is via your email. This is enough to irritate someone, and in this situation you can do anything because you don't know who can do this.
But now no need to worry about it because i have a solution of this problem. we can find out that person who tries to unlock your smartphone and gets hard lock.To find out that person the only thing you have to do just follow below steps-

Step 1:- Firstly you have to download third party app Hidden Eye : Catch your friends.

 Step 2:- After download this application just install & open.

Step 3:- Now security status turn on and click on Activate.

Thats it now you can check who tries to unlock your smartphone & gets hard lock.One more thing guys here is more options i.e 1.Sound Alarm after 3 attempts, 2.Alert me on Notification bar, 3.Show intruders on unlock.

I Hope you enjoyed this amazing Smartphone trick for kept who tries to unlock your smartphone. If you have any issue regarding content of this trick, Feel Free to comment, I will try to respond on all comments as soon as possible.