Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to send confidential email that will self destroy in the receiver inbox

Hello friends, You know sometimes we need to send Confidential information to friends , with a family member or any one. It can be possible to send the personal information through email to the recipient. After all there is danger that your friend or any family member might forget to delete the message and your confidential information may still remain in their Email or inbox. This means that a malicious user, who operates to illegally access the recipient’s email in the future, could probably access your confidential information and misuse it. But don’t worry here is a method can be able to share your confidential message by self destructing message and that automatically destroy once it has been read.
Here is a very helpful website à . This website allows a user to send  a message to any friend or any person in such a way that the message will be automatically destroy soon or after a predefined number of seconds after it has been read. This protect that your message keep on absolutely private and no one can access after it has been transfer to the intended recipient.

Follow the steps:-

  1.  Just open your browser and go to

  2.  Now sign up with your Email Id and the login here.

  3.  Now click on create on burn note and type the private message of your choice.

  4. After typing your message click on Options to access all the various options available to you. You can added security, it can be possible that someone able to copy your confidential message. But you can put a password on the self-destructing message. This (Add a password) gives you dual safety against illegal access to your confidential message.
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  5. This site also allows you to define the number of seconds after your confidential message will be automatically self destroy.

  6. Once you are done writing the confidential message and choosing the various options then click on the send button.

  7. After click on send button now enter email or username and click on send button.

  8. Here is one more option you can click on get link then you have to give a label for the conversation, then click on ok you will be get dialogue box with url you have to copy url and then send it to your friend or anyone.

  9. Hey friends wait one more thing here is a option that the receiver of your confidential message also has the option to reply to your message with another self destroy Burn Note private message from right within your message.

Thanks for visiting here I hope you enjoyed this trick for self destroy message via burn note. If you have any issue regarding content of this trick, feel free to comment, I’ll try to respond on all comments as soon as possible.

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