Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Track Your Facebook Login Location

  Now You Can View Facebook Login Location History.

Dear Friends do you know that you can track yourlast Login Location of Facebook Account ? Yes this is possible through your Facebook Account. Facebook has an option which gives you Details About your Log In Locations and Let you Know if your Accounts is Logged In with some other place. With the Help of this option you can secure your Account more efficiently. How know your Location follows below Steps-

 Step -1 :- To get the Location First log in to your Facebook Account.
Step -2 :- Now Go to the Setting option of Facebook Account.Go to the Settings click on arrow sign available on top right corner and choose settings option from the drop down menu.
Step -3 :- Click on Security option from the the list of options available on the left side.
Step -4 :- Now Edit the Where You’re Logged In option.
Step -5 :- Here you will get option for Desktop, Mobile and Android App also.
That’s It you have track your last logged in location for your facebook Account. Now you can know the location of any Unauthorised Log in (if any).
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