Monday, June 1, 2015

How To Track Who Views Your Facebook Profile

In today's scenerio every person wants to know about the visitors of their social accounts, but facebook does not provide this kind of facility to their users/ accountholders.

I have visited many of the websites and used applications which says that they will track and show you the visitors of your accounts if you follow their procedure but after wasting most of time i feel that there is no such application/website which can provide the track record of Your Friends social account.

Now you all must be thinking that how can we check the visitors of our account?

Here is the superb procedure which i have used and i have successfully checked the visitors of my account.

Here are just 5 simple steps by which you can check visitors of your facebook account:-

Step 1:- Firstly Log into your facebook account as shown below.

Step2:- Go to your Timeline by clicking on Profile button.

Step 3:- Right click on any blank part of the page…you will get a option list, then select “view page source” in that.


You can directly press (Ctrl+U). You will be redirected to the new window.

Step 4:- Now search for “InitialChatFriendsList” by pressing “ctrl+f" button in the View page source

Step 5:- Next to this key word you will see the following list:


Above numbers contains 15 digit unique Numeric Facebook ID number of your Friend who have most recently visited your ID (e.g. “123456789012345-0" in this 123456789012345 is your Friend’s Facebook ID; i.e. digit between “ and -
To view the profile of such person just copy the ID as mentioned above and replace such number with “sssssssssssssss”
after that you will automatically be redirected to the timeline of such person

Woohoo You have just tracked your recent facebook profile visitor with this latest trick within few minutes:)

I have tested this trick personally and it works for 100%.

For any Query or suggestion Comments are always welcomed :D